Am very pleased to have found Ros, a natural click and set up from start to finish and a very natural and professional in-depth overview and take on things with a great and incredibly wonderful, kind delivery. A real result for me and thanks to Ros whom I would recommend to anyone in need of a hand and some help with life and what it can become.

Will definitely be keeping her number in the little black book and will remain in touch as will probably be back to her and use her experience and service in the future as a thoroughly rewarding and positive experience when I needed Ros and her skills.

Mr P (Clapham)

Ros Carman has been a real key factor in helping me regain a sense of self, realise my goals again and refocus on the next steps. She has helped build on those coping strategies that were lacking. I can credit her approach and techniques to becoming a stronger more resilient person who now challenges life’s obstacles and instead of just lettings thing happen, actually taking charge and being responsible for my own life and direction.

With her experience, talent and natural empathy, we have been able to work on the negatives, poor decisions and repeating patterns of behaviour that often resulted in troubled times, unmanageable finances and pretty average relationships. I’ve gained strength and become more empowered through our sessions, having formed a healthier self and am better equipped to handle what comes my way. I would absolutely recommend Ros, because being heard and finding those key strategies is crucial to development and happiness.

Ms H (Wimbledon)

Ros has been fundamental in helping me finally ‘get over’ a difficult time in my career that had held me back for a number of years.  She helped me explore it and a number of other things that had happened in my life to be able to move on and learn from them to come out stronger.  I feel so much more confident and ready to take the next step, and know I wouldn’t be here without her.  I can’t recommend her enough!”

Miss T (Clapham)

The last six months working with Ros have been a true journey. Her flexible approach and style has enabled us to cover a great deal of ground and yet maintain focus on the key issues. Our sessions are always focused on me, on my needs and concerns and on my journey. Going into the past and exploring deep rooted issues such as abandonment, institutionalisation and attachment has been tough but with her help and support I now feel really able to embrace life in a different and more positive way. I highly recommend Ros both as a person and for her work as a true professional.

Mr A. (Wimbledon)

I started to look for a psychotherapist after a bereavement in the family left me struggling to cope. I found Ros online and instantly felt a connection; she was personable, open and honest and that was just over the telephone. Ros really helped me through a tough patch in my life by allowing me to have a totally safe, non judgemental space in which to vent, cry or just talk. Not only did I come out the other side smiling and stronger but also starting a psychotherapist course myself. I can’t recommend her enough. Many thanks for your continued support Ros.

Mrs A. (Clapham)

When I initially reached out to Ros I was feeling overwhelmed by life. I had never had therapy before and had no idea what to expect. My reaction to our first session was a great sense of relief. Ros guided me out of my immediate emotional panic and worked with me to gain perspective. Throughout our sessions Ros has provided a non-judgmental space where it is easy to talk freely. She has helped me to navigate difficult emotions, relationships and events. She has skilfully steered me towards clarity of thought and feeling.

Working with Ros has been a surprisingly empowering process. As a result I am moving forward in all areas of my life.

Mrs C. (Streatham)

Ros have been invaluable in giving me the tools and perspective to make sense of and move forward from some big personal challenges in my life. Ros provides very practical advice with theoretical explanation, whilst injecting warmth, empathy and humour into each session. It’s this skill and professionalism that has made the sessions a rewarding experience with a real sense of progress each time. I now have an insight into myself that I previously didn’t have and a knowledge on how to cope with the challenges life throws at you. Thank you Ros!

Miss L. (Surrey)

I started seeing Ros in September of 2013, and continued seeing her until May 2014. I loved our time together – Ros emits an unaffected, genuine warmth and compassion that made me feel totally comfortable talking to her. I looked forward to our sessions every week. She was able to clearly hear what I was saying (though I might have had trouble explaining what it was I was trying to say…) and give me smart, empathetic counseling that helped guide me to a healthier, happier outlook on life.

One thing I’d found maddening in previous experiences of therapy was the lack of active help or conversation. Ros was energetically involved and committed in our conversations and I loved having someone to truly talk with. She is not a passive counselor who parrots back what you are saying – she listens, cares and engages with you in a unique way. The difference she has made in my life is enormous, and I am so grateful to have found her.

Miss B. (London/New York)

I saw Roz after a few things had begun to get on top of me and felt I really needed to speak with someone outside of friends and family. I was a bit reserved about counselling prior to seeing Roz but found the sessions with her most helpful in dealing with some things that had evolved in my life. Her professional approach, along with her empathic way of working made the whole process of counselling enjoyable and a truly worthwhile experience. I would have no hesitation in recommended Roz for counselling.

Mr P. London/Bristol

I found Ros’s advice and guidance invaluable in helping me through a difficult and messy family situation. It was so very helpful having her perspective throughout and it was absolutely the right decision to deal with the situation as was. Ros’s expertise enabled me to handle things in a much healthier way and I don’t get as deeply involved and in-twined as I used to – thank you.

Mrs G. London

I met Ros when I found myself in a particularly low place following a personal trauma. I had never had any sort of therapy before and had no idea what to expect. After our consultation I knew I wanted to work with Ros – I just felt there was a connection from when she opened the door. I looked forward to seeing Ros each week sometimes talking, sometimes crying, sometimes laughing – but I never felt for a moment that I was being judged and always left feeling that little bit stronger and more positive than the week before. The help and support that she gave me to get my life back on track is simply immeasurable. She got me through the most difficult time of my life and I have eternal gratitude to her for that.

Miss P. London