What is Counselling?

Counselling is a modern day approach to therapy which incorporates the core features of counselling and traditional psychotherapy. Counselling is validated by current research findings, and aims to alleviate psychological and emotional distress through talking.

Counsellors like me work with people experiencing a broad variety of challenges in their daily lives to enhance their emotional well-being. We are professionals trained to assist you in understanding, working through and overcoming your issues using a range of therapeutic approaches; each centred round the therapeutic relationship. Numerous research findings confirm that the single most important factor influencing successful therapy is the quality of this relationship between a client and therapist.

Counselling is collaborative, and therapy takes place in a safe, accepting and confidential setting. It offers you the opportunity to talk freely with your therapist about your difficulties and how these may be interfering with you getting the most from your life. Together we’ll discuss any concerns you may have and review your goals and progress. Therapy requires personal commitment, and hidden feelings and the recollection of previous experiences can become quite intense. Although therapy is not about giving you advice, it can increase your self-understanding to bring about wider possibilities, changes and personal growth.

My Approach